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For tune archives and sheet music,
visit Beverly Woods’s website.

Traditional New England contra and square dancing is a participatory art form. There is no true audience and everyone is part of the “performance,” with each dance a unique collaboration between musicians, dancers, and the caller.

Tamworth is home to the second oldest continuously held dance in the State of New Hampshire. There is a rich tradition of dancing in our town, the result of many people working to keep the dances going over the years and to pass the joy of swinging and sashaying across a Tamworth dance floor along to future generations. Dances have been a valued community event here for years, hosted by the Tamworth Outing Club since 1935. Tamworth’s dances have a strong reputation throughout the region for welcoming participants of all ages and abilities, providing enjoyment and inclusion for both dancers and musicians.

The array of programs offered from October 2023 through May 2024 aim to provide traditional music and dance opportunities in Tamworth for dancers of all ages and abilities, and for musicians seeking to learn and participate in our local and regional dance band traditions. These programs will improve and enhance the awareness, participation, skills, and appreciation needed to maintain Tamworth’s music and dance tradition into the future.

These programs are made possible thanks to very generous funding from the Tamworth Foundation and Friends of the Cook Memorial Library, along with support from the Tamworth Outing Club board of directors and many wonderful instructors, callers, musicians, and dancers!

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Expanding traditional New England dance band experience for ALL teenage and adult musicians proficient on their instrument. YOU are invited to attend these FREE workshops.


3rd Fridays, 6:30-8 pm

October 20, November 17, & December 15

January 19, February 16, March 15, April 19, & May 17

Learn and play together traditional dance band jigs, reels, waltzes from the British Isles, New England and Quebec.

With instructors Jacqueline Laufman & Beverly Woods


2nd Fridays, 6:30-8 pm

2023: November 10 & December 8

2024: January 12

Learn band and jam skills: working with others within a band, experimenting with dance rhythms, arranging, harmonizing, and more!

With instructors Beverly Woods & Shana Aisenberg

Sheet music and audio files of all Tune Session and Band Craft tunes are available by request.


Young Children

Saturdays, 10:30-11:45 am

2024: February 3 & 17; March 2 & 16

Welcoming children (ages 3+) with their caregivers to join hands, dance, and sing! No prior experience needed. All dances are taught and called.

At Cook Memorial Library,
93 Main Street, Tamworth Village

With caller & fiddler Jacqueline Laufman

Saturday Dances

For All Ages

7-10 pm

2023: December 9

2024: January 13 & March 9

Please bring your friends & family to three FREE dances!

These special dances will feature beginner-friendly instruction in dance basics such as how to swing,
do-si-do, and promenade. Bring a partner or come alone.

At the Tamworth Town House.

Featuring a variety of local callers & bands!

For more information, contact Amy Berrier, 603-651-5800

Project funding is provided through grants from the Tamworth Foundation and the Friends of Cook Memorial Library.

Since 1937

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