Second Saturday Contradance in Tamworth

Tamworth dances, hosted by the Tamworth Outing Club since 1937, welcome dancers of all ages and abilities. If you have never tried contradancing before, all dances are taught, so no prior experience is required. Perhaps you are an experienced dancer – well, grab a partner and swing your way out onto the wonderful Town House dance floor. No one will go home disappointed! Our thanks to the many people who help the Tamworth Outing Club continue this great tradition.

Admission to the  contradance is $8 for teens and adults; children 12 and under are free. The Tamworth Town House is located at 27 Cleveland Hill Road in Tamworth, directly across from the Congregational Church.

Traditional New England dancing is fun, easy, and family-friendly. Tamworth dances are well-known throughout the state and region as welcoming and multi-generational, with dancers of all ages and abilities gathering to enjoy the company of old friends and new acquaintances. Callers spend time before each set teaching the steps and guiding dancers through parts of the upcoming dance. Experienced dancers are encouraged to help others, so that everyone can enjoy the lively music and congenial mixing and mingling on the floor. Talented callers and musicians from around the region come to Tamworth’s historic Town House to lead dancers through jigs, reels, squares, circles, waltzes, and more.

Come join us for a memorable evening on the dance floor!

Dancing starts at 7:30 and goes till 10:00. Admission is $8 for teens and adults; free for children 12 and under.

For more information, contact Amy Berrier at 603.651.5800 or Teresa Fournier at 978.609.2181.

Always check the current schedule for dance dates and times.

Note: Sit-in musicians are often welcome at Tamworth dances, but please check with Dexter ( or Amy (603-651-5800) to be sure before you plan on it.

2024 Schedule:


Feb 10 - White Mountain Ceili Band with Byron Ricker calling at the Preserve in Chocorua,
88 Philbrick Neighborhood Road.

Mar 9 - 7pm–10pm - FREE ADMISSION - Caravan Band with Tom Chiappisi calling

April 13 - Black Cat Quadrille with Peter Yarensky calling

May 11 - Dudley Laufman calling

June 8 - Music by String Equinox with calling by Gale Wood

July 13 - Music by the Trad Band with Jacqueline Laufman calling

Aug 10 - Dudley Laufman and friends

Byron Ricker

Eric Rollnick

Gale Wood

Dudley Laufman

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