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Young people today are confronted with a barrage of information and choices. Information technology, as it further develops, will accelerate this trend. With this in mind, I find myself thankful for the few things that stay constant and give us a window into that which never goes out of style, something that reminds us of our past and gives us a foundation on which to stand. The Tamworth Outing Club (TOC) is one of those “things”.

As the mission statement makes clear, the TOC lives in the tangible world of outdoor sport and recreation, especially for our school-age children. We think the cyber version cannot compete with seven afternoons of supervised skiing at King Pine or on the Nordic trails—dressing up for the cold and any sort of weather and feeling the rush of movement over snow. The Tamworth Sled Dog Race is tradition in action. Whose heart doesn't thrill at the sight of a team of excited dogs pulling and straining to get on the trail, all with the most iconic mountain in the region—Mount Chocorua—as a backdrop? We offer groomed cross-country skiing in Wonalancet for those who enjoy a winter trail. The varied lands and trails open to the public are a valued resource in our rural and scenic town—a perfect setting for our club!

Traditional sport is alive and well during the warmer months, as well, with youth baseball programs for ages 16 and under, square and contra dances to reel away a summer evening at the Town House with live music—made easy for anyone by callers with years of experience—and real food to enjoy at our Family Day Chicken BBQ.

The Tamworth Outing Club embraces what we feel is an important balance between the growing cyber world and the natural world of outdoor sport and recreation. We embrace movement in our outdoor spaces and the process of learning a variety of skills that will endow our youngsters with confidence, better health and enjoyment for the rest of their lives. For this, we carry on.

Sheldon Perry

President, Tamworth Outing Club.


Just came back from a wonderful ski. Thanks! Hope you can continue your good works. —Fred & Sue

Had a great time at the events on Saturday! —Central Insurance Associates

We recognize and appreciate the wonderful work Tamworth Outing Club is doing in the community and are. . .

. . .  happy to have the opportunity to support you. —Jenifer, Assistant Vice President, Moultonborough Savings Bank

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