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2017 Champions!

photo courtesy of Jen Ogren

Gale Wood

Dudley Laufman

Tamworth Outing Club Square and Contra Dance Series

The Outing Club has sponsored traditional New England square and contra dances in Tamworth since 1937. The dances are held on the second floor of the Tamworth Town House, at 27 Cleveland Hill Road in Tamworth Village, from 8:00–10:30. In 2017 there will be a dance every Saturday evening from July 1 through September 2.

Traditional New England dancing is fun, easy, and family-friendly. If you’ve never done it before, have no fear: if you can walk, know your left from your right, and can count to eight, you can learn the basics in 10 minutes. No one is too young, too old, or too uncoordinated to contra dance. We always dance to live music provided by local musicians playing lively Scotch, Irish, and American jigs and reels.

We charge $7 for adults, $3 for preteens.

Contact Sheldon Perry at 603-323-7001 for more information.

2018 Schedule:

 5/12:  TBA

6/9:  TBA

7/14:  TBA

8/11:  TBA

9/8:  TBA

10/13:  TBA

11/10:  TBA

12/8:  TBA


Byron Ricker

Eric Rollnick

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